Getting sick of the snow and fancy winning some dough? Well, tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot is a HOT €30 million!

Three ways an Irish winner can escape the big freeze if their numbers come up

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Getting sick of the snow and fancy winning some dough? Well, tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot is a HOT €30 million!

Getting sick of the snow and fancy winning some dough? Well, tonight's EuroMillions Jackpot is a HOT €30 million!

National Lottery players dont have to miss out on tonight's hot €30 million jackpot despite the artic weather conditions.


The National Lottery today reminded players who are not in a position to get to their local shops to buy a ticket due to the snow storm that they can play online at or through the National Lottery App.

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“Tonight's jackpot is a life-changing €30 million. And players don’t have to lose out despite the atrocious weather. With people advised to stay safe and stay indoors they can still dream big and play from the comfort of their homes online or through the National Lottery App.”


The spokesperson added: “Our offices will be closed today (Friday) but we want to reassure players that tonight's EuroMillions Draw and the two Daily Millions Draws will take place as normal and the results posted on our website.”


"Our online EuroMillions players have proven very lucky in the past. A total of 9 players have to date won the EuroMillions Plus top prize of €500,000 online, while another EuroMillions layer won a €632,452 EuroMillions Match 5 + Lucky Star prize in September 2010."


"There have been five online Lotto jackpot winners who have won over €20 million between them since play was introduced online."

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Meanwhile a winner of tonight's mega EuroMillions Jackpot will be able to: 


1.  Buy your dream island

Imagine having your own island in a part of the world where you are guaranteed never to get snow! Darby Island in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas boasts white sandy beaches and the potential for an airstrip. It is yours for a cool €30 million.


2. Cruise into the sun!

Take the Million Euro Cruise - The world's ultimate luxury cruise holiday with SixStarCruises. This exclusive 124 day break departs in Los Angeles and includes visits to 28 countries including French Polynesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Maldives and Mauritius, Stay in the sumptuous Royal Suite onboard the 'Silver Whisper' with two marbled bathrooms, separate dining area and bar and two spacious verandas.


3. Escape to the winter sun!

If you win tonight escape on a luxury break to Cancun in Mexico while you consider what you will do with the rest of your fortune. Lay on the warm sand while sipping a chilled cocktail and contemplating whether or not to take a dip in the picture-perfect sea. Luxury packages starting from €3,000 a person.

Nearly 30 cent in every euro on National Lottery games go back to Good Causes all over Ireland in the areas of health, sport, youth, arts, heritage, cultrue and the Irish language.

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