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Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

If you have ever visited a Church during the day, and sat down to gather your thoughts - and maybe make your requests! - you will surely have noticed the sense of peace which prevails within the quiet of the building.

During a week of constant strife and anxiety expressed by media regarding the online activities of young people and the helplessness felt by parents, it got me thinking, and not for the first time, about modern living and the low standards we are passing on to our youth.

Fed and led by commercialism we have a godless world where the human failure is feared and success, particularly ‘celebrity’ success, is the ultimate goal.

When failure becomes the end of the world for people there is something radically wrong with how we think.

Acceptance of, and belief in, a higher power - whatever you want to call him or her - is the greatest backup that a (mere) human being needs when all else fails.

We have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and created a desert.

Arid, dry, and barren.

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