Have you got what it takes to become Longford's 'Cool Planet Champion'

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Longford Cool Planet Champion

Have you got what it takes to become Longford's 'Cool Planet Champion'

Longford is one of only four counties that doesn't have a 'Cool Planet Champion' and today, the Cool Planet Experience (CPE) in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is making another call out to find a Longford champion. 

The 26 Cool Planet Champions - 22 counties are already represented - will become climate change advocates. The advocate training programme is the first of its kind in the country. And the application process is open until Monday, October 9.

Once identified, the Cool Planet will train the 26 Cool Planet Champions to engage, educate and inspire the general public in their own county about how our changing climate directly impacts them and how they can make a real, practical difference.

Cool Planet Experience, which is due to open in early 2018, is located in Powerscourt Estate in Co Wicklow. 

The first experience of its kind, it will bring visitors on an innovative journey of climate change discovery in an interactive, engaging and fun way – enabling everyone to see how they can play their part in transforming Ireland to a low carbon society.

It has partnered with Dr Cara Augustenborg and Raoul Empey to bring their expertise on climate communication through Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and Climate Talk Ireland to the Cool Planet Champions programme.

Frank McGovern, Chief Climate Scientist at the EPA said: “General knowledge on climate change and an understanding of our individual roles in making the transition to low carbon are relatively low in Ireland, due to a lack of funding and discussion about these topics. Sometimes when the topic is covered, it is done in a way that people feel is over their heads, with jargon and complicated messages on climate action instead of communicating it in an easily accessible and relatable fashion.”

“Through its partnership with the EPA, the Cool Planet Champions programme is aimed at filling the gap in communication with the general public, through local advocates rather than a roving corporate style team” he concluded.


“People tend to trust people who they know and who speak in a language in a way that they can easily understand”, said Vicky Brown, CEO of the CPE. “Seeing and talking with people that you can empathise with can have a much bigger impact on you personally and how you live your life. We’re going to give our Cool Planet Champions the tools they need to really get to understand this topic and how to enable them to pass on that knowledge and empower them to pass it on to those in their communities, in order to make a real and discernible difference”.

The Cool Planet is looking for Champions and anyone can play their part. This impressive world-leading programme will provide all the training that the Cool Planet champions need free of charge. This will include professional communications skills, a bespoke presentation, demonstration training, how to respond to questions and more. Training will take place in Powerscourt on a weekend in November and will include accommodation and food. In return Champions would be expected to volunteer to give 10 climate talks in their county. These can be to schools, businesses or the general public.

If this is an area that interests you and something that you would like to do, please apply to become a Champion by recording a short (max 2min) video explaining who you are and why you would make a great Cool Planet Champion.

Applications to become a Champion are invited through the Head of Public Engagement at philipsmyth@coolplanet.ie. The deadline for submissions is October 9, with a short list done and Cool Planet champions announced shortly after.