Down Memory Lane in Longford: Council tales of scab labour!

Story of the week from March 17th, 1989

Longford Leader


Longford Leader


Down Memory Lane in Longford: Renowned editor dies

“I done the jail on October 7th for the people of this county and I'm not going to tolerate abuse from anyone”, declared a red-faced Michael Brennan.

The subject under discussion may well have been the Social Employment Scheme, but the Chamber of Longford County Council was beginning to look more like a slaughterhouse every minute.

Peter Murphy said he felt the Social Employment Scheme was one of the worst things to ever hit this country. “Sure,  it's only suitable for people coming up to retirement age”, he said, scanning the Council Chamber from behind his new gold-rimmed spectacles, “years ago people used to go to the County Home for a roof over their heads, but now they go into the SES”.

Cllr Luie McEntire, normally a man of great restraint, lost his cool altogether. “You should be ashamed of yourself”, he declared, glaring at Peter Murphy “to run down over 200 people in this county and say they are in retirement jobs”.

“We are running down scab labour”, roared Peter Murphy rather like an excited child.

“You may be a big shot but there's many a small farmer in North Longford who would be glad of the money from the Social Employment Scheme”, said Cllr McEntire, whose face was beginning to take on a dangerously high colour.

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