Barnardos: Homelessness is stealing childhoods

Dell EMC joins Barnardos to urge Longford people to support their National Collection Day this Friday, September 15

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Barnardos

Barnardos is urging Longford people to support their National Collection Day this Friday, September 15.

Barnardos children’s charity, joined by their official partner Dell EMC, is calling on the public to help them support children affected by homelessness by donating to their national collection day on Friday, September 15. 

Barnardos work with children and families to provide stability amidst the chaos and uncertainty of homelessness. To help please give what you can to one of the hundreds of volunteers across the country or text ‘BARNARDOS’ to 50300 now to donate €4. 

Homelessness affects every part of a child’s life – their mental health, their physical development, their ability to understand and process their feelings, their education and their family. These children are failing to thrive and the issues facing many of the children attendingBarnardos services have become more complex as a direct result of the homelessness crisis. 

Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay said: “The number of children in Ireland affected by the homelessness crisis is at the highest levels ever reaching 2,973 and this is all too evident throughout Barnardos projects. These children are being robbed of their childhoods and this will have lifelong implications for them. Children are the most vulnerable and innocent victims of this crisis.

“At Barnardos we believe that every child deserves the same opportunities in life and having a place to call home, a place to grow and play and to share a meal with their family is a basic necessity. We are working to provide some comfort and practical support to these families, but I echo our repeated calls for longer term solutions – for the need for stable appropriate homes for families.  Every day in homelessness is a day too long for a child. Please give what you can on September 15th.”

Barnardos Director of Fundraising Mary Gamble said: “Today, on our National Collection Day, your donation will ensure that the children and families we work with who are experiencing homelessness will receive our support amidst the chaos.  You can help by giving what you can on Barnardos National Collection Day kindly supported by Dell EMC, on Friday,  September 15.”

Denis Lucey, VP Dell EMC Services and Site Leader, Dell EMC Dublin said: “We are delighted to be supporting Barnardos for their National Collection Day on September 15. The number of our employees who have been enthusiastically organising internal fundraisers and who cannot wait to get out on the streets of Cork, Dublin and Limerick on Friday really speaks for itself. It’s great for our teams to get out in their local community and show their support for our charity partner, Barnardos. We are delighted to support and enable the great work Barnardos is doing and we encourage people across the country to join us in supporting this great cause by getting involved in some way on Friday.”

Barnardos works in communities across Ireland to change children’s lives for the better every day. Please give what you can to Barnardoscollectors in your local area.

If you don’t see a Barnardos collector on the streets today, please text BARNARDOS to 50300 to donate €4 or donate online at