COMPETITION: Mel continues his Longford visit with yet another prize

Mel, the Longford Leader mascot


Mel, the Longford Leader mascot

COMPETITION: Mel continues his Longford visit with yet another prize

Even the weather couldn't dampen my festive spirit today, readers!

The reaction to yesterday's competition was even bigger and better than Wednesday's.

Thanks to everyone who is joining in the fun and to Longford Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring yesterday's prize.

Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Sean Hayes, who will also get a small bonus prize in the form of one of my snow-cousins thanks to the talented Mary Nelson! 

The wind and rain was a terror last night, and a wee snowman like me would have blown away, so I stayed indoors for the evening. Don't worry though, as I had plenty to keep me occupied. The galleries of 'Loving Christmas in Longford' photos submitted by Longford Leader readers was a lovely way to continue my Christmas celebrations. Links to the galleries below.

Béibhinn Mulcahy wins Longford Leader 'Loving Christmas in Longford' photo competition in association with Ganly's

Photo Gallery One: We're just 'Loving Christmas in Longford'

Photo Gallery Two: We're just 'Loving Christmas in Longford'

If these don't make you feel Christmassy, Santa himself will be shocked!

Despite the wind and rain I decided to venture out early this morning for a stroll. As luck would have it, I was just giving Santa a quick text, when a gust of wind blew my phone out of my hand and straight into a puddle on the road. The water didn't do it any good, but it was the car driving over it that did the real damage!

So I ended up in the location of today's competition. The friendly staff in store really helped me out. Not only did I get a new phone, but I also picked up a lovely book called 'The Girl and the Cloud', which is being sold to raise funds for Barnardos.

What's more, I was chatting to the staff and I just happened to mention my posts and they generously offered to sponsor today's prize. 

So as with Wednesday and Thursday, all you have to do is comment on this Facebook post on the Longford Leader's page and tell them where I am.

The winner will be announced at 5pm this evening. 

Now home to warm up a bit - but I've been advised to stay away from the fire for some reason...!

Have a lovely Friday - and happy Christmas Eve, Eve!