IFA request urgent meeting on Fair deal scheme

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IFA request urgent meeting on Fair deal scheme

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IFA President, Joe Healy has written to Minister Jim Daly to request an urgent meeting on the status of the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Amendment) Bill.

“The Government approved the proposal to introduce a three-year cap on productive assets where a family member commits to working the asset in July 2018. However, 18 months later we are still waiting for the Bill to be drafted,” said the outgoing IFA President.

He said the Bill must be published as a matter of urgency and introduced in the Oireachtas during this session.

Caroline Farrell, Farm Family & Social Affairs Chairperson said that farm families have been waiting too long for this amendment and with each passing month the viability of family farms is being undermined.

She stated: “The Government must give a commitment to back date the proposed three-year cap to July 2018 when it was
approved by the Government and agree to pay back contributions to the cost of care to all farmers that satisfy the three-year cap as of that date.”

She said that farm families must not be financially penalised as a result of delays in the legislative drafting process.

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