Casey's comments on immigrants slammed

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Peter Casey

People Before Profit candidate in the Longford Municipal District Barbara Smyth has described comments, attributed to Independent European election candidate Peter Casey, regarding immigrants as 'quite simply outrageous'.

Ms Smyth suggested that Mr Casey knows exactly what he is doing. “He is trying to stir up hate for his own agenda which is tapping into a ‘them and us’ narrative we have seen emerge recently.

“Why do we have immigrants? We have immigrants fleeing war torn countries because the big nations of the world keep bombing them into oblivion. He didn’t call for a cease fire on these countries.

“He didn’t call for an increase in building more affordable and social housing which would alleviate our housing crisis.

“He targeted the most vulnerable people in the world who have fled their countries with just the clothes on their backs to paint them as freeloaders. His comments are contemptible and have no place in a welcoming nation such as Ireland is.”

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