Longford children have big dreams of entrepreneurship

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A growing number of children in Longford harbour aspirations to become entrepreneurs

A major survey showing the aspiration of 11 and 12 year olds who had participated in a classroom business has revealed that Co Longford children have high aspirations to become entrepreneurs in the future.

72% of girls and 67% of boys in the county expressed an interest in being entrepreneurs when they grow up. At the bottom of the survey was Westmeath, where just 46% of the children polled have aspirations to become entrepreneurs - 38% of boys and 65% of girls.

Across the 26 counties surveyed, 60% of eleven and twelve-year-old Irish children say that they would like to be an entrepreneur in the future, according to the survey of 8,000 children who spent 12-16 weeks creating classroom businesses on the Junior Entrepreneur Programme in 2019.

60% of girls and 53% of boys (across all counties surveyed) indicated that they would choose entrepreneurship as their career, according to the study.

The survey is one of the largest ever known to have been undertaken in Irish Primary schools. Children wrote their responses on their Junior Entrepreneur Class workbooks.

During the programme, children in 700 classes were mentored by local entrepreneurs from their communities. Every one of the children involved invested in their classroom business and was rewarded with a share of the profits from successful businesses.

The children invested their own money to launch the classroom businesses which had sales of €320,264 in 2019 producing a nett profit of €198,215.

67,000 children have taken part in the programme since it was launched in 2010.