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Investing in staff the key to success for Quinn's Edgeworthstown

Edgeworthstown hardware store celebrates Christmas window award

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Investing in staff the key to  success for Quinn's Edgeworthstown

Hugh Quinn, Betty Mulhare, Nelde Kursika, Séamus Cronogue, Frank Lloyd

There’s been much said as to what enhances a business’ all round appeal over its nearest and most fiercest of competitors.

Accessibility, location, value for money and the comfort of its inner confines are all plausible parallels to be drawn.

For one of County Longford’s longest established firms-Edgeworthstown's Quinn’s Supply Stores-the mainstay of that durability has been its staff.

In existence for 145 years, this multi-faceted DIY and home furnishing store boasts a 15 strong workforce who are the envy of many of Quinn’s market principals.

Much of that sentiment comes from the vast plethora of experience and expertise its loyal and extensive customer base can draw upon on a daily basis.

“The average length of service from our staff here is 25 years,” said its audibly proud owner Hugh Quinn.

“There is huge longevity here and what’s more there are two or three who are here for 45 years.”

Being able to call upon such experience from within the immediate catchment area of Edgeworthstown, Granard, Legan and into Westmeath brings with it its own advantages.

And that’s before you even approach the subject of what such experience can bring to the table.

“Everyone knows them within the county and within their own community but the product knowledge they have within each of their own departments is just fantastic.

“Our customers know that and it’s a big reason why they (customers) come to us because they know the advice and service they will get is accurate and true.”

With such a resolute and stable relationship between its staff and customers its a factor which has proved instrumental in Quinn’s ongoing battle to stay one step ahead of an increasingly challenging online marketplace.

“You have to be constantly changing and our biggest fear would be e-commerce,” added Hugh.

“What you have to do, first and foremost is to get people through the door and our staff play a huge role in that.

“Anyone can get a price on the internet, so we have to get an advantage from somewhere and with the advice and knowledge our staff have, that helps give us an advantage.”

Evidence of that very mindset was demonstrated in the most enterprising of fashions just before Christmas when the store came out top in the Leader’s festive window competition.

And, in a further insight into what makes this forward thinking hardware as well as electrical and agricultural supplier tick, Hugh and his team of dedicated workers are already turning their attention to devising an equally eye catching design for the Christmas 2018 season.

No pressure then on those looking to wrestle Quinn’s crown from its grasp when judging re-commences in some 11 months time or so.