Local Property Tax return of €2.1m in Longford is joint lowest in country

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Local Property Tax return of €2.1m in Longford is joint lowest in country

Local Property Tax return of €2.1m in Longford is joint lowest in country

The Revenue Commissioners says payments totalling €2.1m were collected in Longford last year through the Local Property Tax (LPT).

The €2.1m LPT collected in Longford is the joint lowest total nationwide - neighbours Leitrim also collected €2.1m.  

Detailing LPT Exchequer receipts for 2017, The Revenue Commissioners said the preliminary figures indicate a 96.4% compliance rate among homeowners in Longford.

While the vast majority of liable persons paid the LPT correctly and on time, Revenue says there were around 720 cases in Longford of payments being deducted at source from people’s income or welfare payments. The figure nationwide is 80,000 with Longford accounting for 0.9%. 

It says that almost two thirds (60.1%) of properties in Longford had a value of less than €100,000 while 33.6% were valued between €100,000 and €150,000. 4.7% and 1% of Longford homes were valued at between €150,000 & €200,000, and €200,000 & €250,000, respectively. Those figures are largely based on house prices in 2013.

Excluding local authority houses and other exempt properties, just 0.5% of homes in Longford were valued at more than €250,000.

Homeowners in Longford are set to play slightly more Local Property Tax (LPT) this year after members of Longford County Council voted last September to increase the rate by 5% for 2018.

For 90% of Longford households, the increase will equate to an extra 60 cents per month in their LPT payment. 

LPT Collector-General, Mr Michael Gladney said: “There is a continuing high compliance rate for LPT, currently 97%, and the vast majority of property owners fully comply with their payment obligations either in a single payment, or with phased payments.”

In a timely reminder to property owners, Mr Gladney added: “For those who have not already paid, or made arrangements to pay their 2018 LPT liabilities, next Wednesday, January 10 is the LPT payment deadline to pay in full by debit/credit card or cheque.

"Property owners who want to pay in full by Annual Debit Authority (an electronic cheque), and have their payment deducted on March 21, 2018, must confirm this with us by next Wednesday, January 10, 2018."

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