Longford Leader farming: Developing 'positive relationships' necessary

Longford Leader farming: Developing 'positive relationships' necessary

Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD has met with ambassadors and diplomats from the ten SouthEast Asian member countries of the ASEAN Economic Community.

“Building new market opportunities is a vital part of our strategy for the development of the agri food sector, and is all the more important against the background of Brexit,” the Minister added.  

“The value and volume of trade in agri products to ASEAN countries is already significant, but there is considerable potential for further growth in the years to come.”

Meanwhile, Minister Creed said it was vital to continue developing what he described as “positive relationships” with other countries, and to ensure that Ireland’s profile as a centre of excellence in the production of safe, high quality food, was a critical part of the Department’s strategy.  

“The ambassadors were interested to hear of Ireland’s plans under Food Wise 2025 to grow its agri-food exports from €11bn in 2015 to €19bn in 2025,”