Gold and silver craft awards for Monaghan’s famous sausages

Christy and Martin Monaghan. Photo: Michelle Ghee.
One Longford town butcher has secured the top prize in a prestigious competition within the industry.

One Longford town butcher has secured the top prize in a prestigious competition within the industry.

Martin Monaghan received a gold and silver medal in the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland awards for his top quality pork sausages which are produced at the family’s butcher’s shop on Killashee Street.

It was Mr Monaghan’s Leek & Pepper sausage and his famous Breakfast sausage that wowed the judges at the prize giving event which was held at the Bush Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon recently.

He received the gold for the Breakfast sausage and the silver accolade was bestowed for the Leek & Pepper variety.

“I’m delighted with the award, it is lovely to have our product recognised,” Mr Monaghan told the Leader.

“The original recipe for the Leek & Pepper sausage is 80 years old.

“It is our own and the customers love it.”

The Monaghans source all their pork locally and the product is then manufactured on site.

“It’s all natural ingredients that go into the sausages,” the butcher continued.

“They are then produced here in the shop. I make small batches - usually 20 lb batches at a time for the customers; we don’t supply the restaurants or retail outlets, we produce for our customers.”

The speciality sausages have been available at Monaghan’s Butchers for the last 15 years and their popularity has gone from strength to strength during that time.

The recession also kicked in and Mr Monaghan believes that with the downturn in the economy, people’s eating habits changed.

“A lot of places would just make the sausages for competitions, but for us, we produce them and make them available to our customers all the time,” added Mr Monaghan.

“They are becoming more and more popular alright but I think that people have changed the way they are eating since the recession to be honest.

“People are going back to home cooking and our most popular meats here would be sausages, chicken fillets and the homemade burgers.”

The well established and traditional butchers has a steady flow of loyal customers for a long number of years now, and for the Monaghan Family, their customers matter most. All the meat is sourced locally and slaughtering is carried out in Ballinalee.

“Everything is hung for 21 days and all the meat is sourced within 12 miles of the shop,” the award-winning sausage maker concluded.