Edgeworthstown auctioneer sees cause for optimism

The woes of the property market are well documented but one man getting on with business is Edgeworthstown based property agent, Frank Greene.

The woes of the property market are well documented but one man getting on with business is Edgeworthstown based property agent, Frank Greene.

He’s closed a very successful 2012 in terms of sales and is keen to add good quality second-hand home and agricultural lands to his portfolio for the coming year.

Whilst Edgeworthstown based his successes todate haven’t been confined to there either with a number of sales documented in Longford town, Ballinalee, Newtownforbes and even Drumlish.

This week he told Leader property that there is still demand for good quality second-hand homes but obviously the availability of credit remains the issue. He told Leader Property: “In the past four months our office has seen a rise in enquiries for property. People thinking of purchasing feel the market has hit the bottom and this has been reflected in sales and ‘sales agreed.’”

In terms of the credit issue and access to mortgages, he explained: “A large percentage of customers purchasing are cash buyers or only need a small percentage of funds from banks. At present money on deposit is giving a very low return and property looks good value for money.”

The Edgeworthstown based agent is adamant that property represents an excellent investment at the moment and added: “People buying houses should look at values on a ten year cycle not on a monthly or three monthly price report. In the past four years a lot of people have took the “wait and see approach” and now are getting back into the market. Indeed, if the trend continues demand will meet supply.”

In spite of the impression to the contrary in the national media, he feels significant progress has been made on the unfinished estates. He explained: “In the national media people are getting the impression that Longford has nothing but unfinished developments and ‘ghost estates’ just because services have not been taking in charge by the Council. However many of these Estates are finished, well maintained and excellent value for money.”

He emphasised that location and our close proximity to so many towns, allied with the excellent value to be had, makes Longford a very attractive proposition for anybody looking for a home. He said: “Co Longford is an hour from Dublin with a good rail and road network and this will aid in the recovery of property prices.”

Like agents across the country, he realises that many who have good homes and would like to trade up simply cannot not as they are already trapped in negative equity.

Like all other towns in the county, Edgeworthstown has seen its fair share of new estates and also apartment buildings. Recent months however have seen some uptake on these and recent sales have includes properties at Auburn Park, Mostrim Oaks, Cloverwell and the Chapel Lane apartments.

Of course family homes in established areas will always attract demand and good examples of these include Marian Avenue whilst there is some great value to be hand in stand alone residential homes in prime rural settings – approx 1-3 miles from key towns such as Edgeworthstown. Examples of recent sales here include Bracklin, Longfield, Cranley Mor, all Edgeworthstown and Lismagooneen in Ballinalee.

Business for the Edgeworthstown based agent has steadily improved since he launched a few years ago. In addition to property sales and rentals they also carry out valulations for the new Property Tax, Probate, Transfers and the HSE Fair Deal scheme.

For any property related matters you can contact Frank Greene at the office on 043 66 72663 or on the mobile at 087 682 4593.