Longford's Spring Equinox Exhibition

Longford's Spring Equinox Exhibition

These dark dreary nights are soon to be brightened considerably by the opening of an exhibition of beautiful, vivid, luminescent art by two Longford artists Angela Tuite and Mary Grey in the Atrium Gallery Backstage Theatre on Wednesday evening March 15 at 8pm.

Spring Equinox is the appropriately seasonal title of an exhibition of work by two artists whose styles and techniques may vary considerably but their work when exhibited together displays a visual  harmony and expresses in unison the diverse and colourful beauty of nature, its landscapes and it s flora and fauna.

Angela Tuite is an artist who has been working on the Longford arts scene for some time and has developed her own faithful audience. She is also known to many for her tireless work for her community – Edgeworthstown – where she is actively involved in the local heritage group and she is a founder member of the Maria Edgeworthstown Literary Festival.

Angela works in the relatively unusual and technically demanding medium of silk painting. A technique which can produce delicate almost ethereal images on a silk background but alternatively in hands less skilled than Angela’s can also result in a muddy blob in the middle of a silk screen.

To gain fascinating insight into the demanding technique of silk painting, log on to Longford’s own visual arts website; http://www.visuallongford.ie.

Mary Grey is a north Longford based artist who works in the more familiar media of water colours and oils.  

Mary, a graduate of Sligo Institute of Technology Arts School, is primarily influenced by the unique drumlin landscape of north Longford and by the delicate beauty of flowers, butterflies and the surrounding unspoiled environment.

Come along to the exhibition on Wednesday, March 15  at 8pm  to hear Councillor Gerry Warnock open the exhibition.

Feast your eyes on the beautifully warm colours and picturesque scenes before you, give yourself a break from March dreariness and provide some vitamin D for your winter battered soul.