Paws for thought: Gardaí team up with Longford dog warden to encourage people to microchip their pets

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Gardaí in the Longford District teamed up with County Dog Warden, Hilary Robinson, on Wednesday, March 10, to raise awareness of the importance of microchipping and protecting your pets from theft.

A multi-agency checkpoint was set up on the Battery Road on Wednesday and good compliance was reported.

Gardaí are encouraging dog owners to have their pets microchipped to make them easy to identify if they're found.

Pet owners are also advised to keep their pet in sight - even in their own gardens as thieves can take advantage of unsupervised dogs. Leaving dogs tied up outside shops also creates an ideal opportunity for thieves.

Home owners are encouraged to think about installing CCTV, which can keep your dog safe at home, especially if it's a high-value breed.

If your dog is stolen, it should be immediately reported to gardaí so that quick action can be taken and, if purchasing a dog, gardaí advise that you do a check on the seller and only buy from a reputable source.