Longford Leader gallery: ABC Childcare raises €2,264 for Daffodil Day

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News Reporter



We usually associate daffodils with the start of spring.


Once we dig deeper of what they truly symbolise, you might feel a glimmer of hope and positivity.

Daffodils are resilient. They grow year after year, no matter what frosty winter we had previously.

They symbolise a new beginning and it's only appropriate for daffodils to be the symbol of Irish Cancer Society, as the beacon of hope for cancer patients and survivors.

ABC Childcare's annual fundraiser this year across its five services centred around Daffodil Day.

ABC Childcare is extremely grateful to staff members who took part in the steps challenge for the month of March and ABC parents who generously donated online.

In the end, an incredible amount of €2,264.23 was raised and it's all down to the amazing staff members and parents.

May our future be as bright and joyful as the daffodils...