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Stephen Olwell Opticians, for all your eyecare needs

Kevin Forde


Kevin Forde



Stephen Olwell Opticians recently underwent a refurbishment, which has enabled them to offer a more relaxed shopping environment for their clients. 

First established in 2009, the team at Stephen Olwell opticians - 10 Grafton Court, Longford town - recently gave their premises a revamp, which has enabled them to take the stress out of shopping for new frames.

This has been achieved with the introduction of a new relaxing one-on-one style shopping experience, aided by the new plush private consultation area now in store.

Stephen told the Leader, “What we offer differs from other opticians. We offer more of a one-to-one experience.

“Instead of forcing people to look at hundreds of spectacle frames on a wall, we like to sit them down and tailor the experience to each individual.”

This has allowed the team to focus on the needs of each individual and enable them to pick frames best suited to their way of life.

He said, “It is a much more individualised approach for every person. Every person gets a consultation, they are not forced to do it themselves.

“We are taking all of that stress away. It is almost like you have your own personal shopper.”

All clients are sat down, given a drink/coffee, followed by a one-on-one consultation with a stylist.

Stephen explained, “You talk to a stylist about what you like/don’t like about glasses, what you need your glasses for. We will then take than information and hand select your frames. You just get to chill out and let someone else do the work.

“That is also where our consultation booths come in, they allow us to have styling consultations in a semi-private, relaxed atmosphere.”

Since the founding of Stephen Olwell opticians, it has become synonymous as the place to find affordable eye care in a friendly environment in Longford. The team involved, which is made up of three members, specialise in a wide range of optical fields, with years of experience in almost every aspect of eyecare.

Stephen explained, “We are a small tight team, which means that when you come into the shop you always have continuity of care and style.”

Together, the team offers a variety of services such as contact lens fitting, extensive eye examinations, children’s eye testing and frame selections. They also offer overnight vision correction/Orthokeratology.

Stephen explained, “We are open Tuesday to Saturday and our full range of services are available every single day.

“We provide a longer eye examination than normal, as we do a lot more such as dilated pupil exams on every person, with retinal photography.

“We spend a little longer with everybody to make sure we can assess all of their needs, in terms of glasses, contact lenses and anything else they may need.

“We will look after customers as best we can. Our duty of care has no end.”

In terms of children’s eye examinations, the team aims to keep the process as fun as possible, with picture tests, colour tests and 3D tests. They stock a wide range of glasses to suit any child's needs and have the expertise to fit them correctly.

With a wide range of frames of all shapes, sizes and designs, the team at Stephen Olwell opticians can cater for each and every person. The focus of the team going forward is finding the perfect frames for their customers, however ‘weird, whacky or wonderful’ they may be.

Stephen said, “Our whole thing at the minute is to try and change how people think about their glasses, so they are not just something somebody has to wear.

“We take styles from all over Europe and bring them home to Longford, so we can give people more choice, more individuality.

“We are here to show you that you don’t have to all wear the same styles. You can have something unique to you,”

Stephen & co wished to thank their many loyal clients for their continued support over the past decade.

Stephen said, “We would like to say thanks to all of our clients who have been coming to us steadily over the last ten years and have made the practice what it is.

“We look forward to spending the next ten years and more looking after them.”

Continuing he said, “If you hate picking glasses, we can help. Part of the service is to take that pain away from people. We have the expertise.

“Why should someone stand in front of a rack full of glasses and be expected to know what suits them, when they could sit down with someone who does know and have all of that stress taken away,” he concluded.

Stephen and the team are hosting an opening party/afternoon to celebrate their revamp on Saturday, November 9, from 2pm. There will be refreshments, prizes and more, with all welcome to attend.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by Stephen & Co you can visit their website stephenolwellopticians.com Alternatively you can give the team a call on 043-3342653 or call into their newly revamped premises at 10 Grafton court, Longford town.

Pictures: Shelley Corcoran