Brave Giant to release new single 'Way to Love' this month

Brave Giant's Mark Prunty discusses the new single, the 'Intimate Tour', and the band's trip to Milwaukee

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Longford is swimming in creative talent at the moment, with numerous bands taking over the county's music scene and getting plenty of national recognition in the process.

One such band is Brave Giant who have released numerous popular singles, sold out several gigs in Dublin and elsewhere, wowed the entire country with a performance on RTE's Late Late Show earlier this year, and travelled across the ocean to bring their unique talent to new audiences in the States.

With a resumé like that, it's no wonder this band is one of the most popular groups to come out of Longford in recent years.

“We're very humbled by that,” said the band's guitarist and vocalist, Mark Prunty, when the Longford Leader pointed that out to him.

“We're delighted that we can promote the county. The name is going national and we're really getting to where we want to be.
“It's great to get the music recognised and known on a national level. And it all started in Longford.”

Mark was quick to praise the music scene in Longford, stating that it was “quite bleak” when Brave Giant started out, but “is definitely on the rise”.

“There are so many people doing so much good work in Longford,” he said.

“We just love the thought and the idea of so many people creating their own music. That's definitely on the rise in Co Longford and we're delighted to be a part of that.”

In fact, Brave Giant recently shot a music video for their single, 'Four', focussing on the arts in Longford, with the help of local creative talent such as Phil Atkinson and Shane Crossan.

And they've left their own mark on the town, with a new mural popping up at Harbour Row in recent weeks for the video, which combines the band's music with the artistic talent that lives in Longford.

But that's not the only video the band has shot in the last number of weeks. In fact, Brave Giant are due to release their latest single, 'Way to Love', and a video to go with it on October 19.

“The song is inspired by love and all the good things about it,” Mark explained.

“It's based on a couple who are in love but it's long distance.”

Mark wrote the song two and a half years ago in the space of about half an hour and for a song written in such a short space of time, it's certainly received a good response so far.

“It's quite different to our last single, 'The Time I Met The Devil', which was very rocky and hard-hitting,” said Mark, pointing out that the new single is more of a folk, pop song.

“We're hoping it's more radio friendly. It's already gotten on a few national playlists,” he added.

The lads are certainly doing something right as, in August, they took a trip to the States, where they took part in the Milwaukee Irish Fest.

“That was fantastic. We were blown away by the response and the welcome we received,” said Mark.

“The festival is usually trad and folk and Irish dancing, but we're a mix of folk, pop and Indie, so we weren't sure how it would go but it was great.

“Every day, crowds got bigger and bigger and hopefully, depending on our schedule, we'll get the opportunity to do it again.”

The lads also graced the stage of Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan, New York in August, making their trip to the States one they won't soon forget.

But there are plenty of great gigs coming up back at home too, as Mark was excited to point out.

Following the release of their new single, the four lads have plans to set off on their 'Intimate Tour', with their first show kicking off at the Landmark Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon on Saturday, October 21 next.

“We hope to continue growing the name and release as much music as we can,” said Mark.

“We'll be releasing an album in 2018, which we can't wait for, and we have a show in the Academy on December 9, which will be our biggest headline gig to date, so hopefully that will get a good crowd.

“But we just want to say a big thank you to the people who have stuck with us from the very start,” Mark concluded.

To keep up to date with Brave Giant, find them on Facebook - and don't forget to pre-order 'Way to Love' on iTunes.

All Photos were taken at the Milwuake Irish Fest 2017 by Brooke Billick.