Pictures | Kids Paradise Stonepark hosts annual Children's Beep Beep Day

Stonepark creche teaches the importance of road safety

News Reporter


News Reporter


The whole community of Stonepark got involved in the annual Kids Paradise Beep Beep Day recently.

The children of the Kids Paradise Creche were thrilled to learn all about a variety of vehicles from emergency vehicles to farm machinery.

“It’s something to involve the whole community and the participation from parents and grandparents was absolutely fantastic,” said Elizabeth Yorke who runs the creche.

“The children learned the rules of the road through stories and songs and they put on a display in the playground for everyone as they sang songs such as 'The Safe Cross Code' and 'When You Want to Cross the Road, Hold Mammy’s Hand'.”

The children also made friends with the Gardaí, who allowed them to sit in their patrol cars, turn on the sirens and even ride on the Garda motorbike.

The day also introduced the kids to the ambulance, teaching them not to be frightened if they ever find themselves inside one.
“The fire jeep was a big treat as they turned on and off the lights and tried on the fireman’s hat,” said Elizabeth.

“Again this is something children need to experience to avoid fear as they grow older.

“They had a great chat with farmer Alec as he told them about mowing meadows and bringing in the silage. The boys just loved this.”

And while the occasion was not a fundraiser for charitable purposes, it was an extremely valuable event for the creche, added Elizabeth.