What do you think? Young Fine Gael calls for introduction of 25c levy on non-compostable coffee cups

It is estimated that the levy would generate €182 million

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



Young Fine Gael has launched a campaign highlighting the urgent need to address the lack of recycling of non-compostable coffee cups.

The #UseYourOwn initiative is encouraging consumers to bring their own reusable coffee cups – as well as calling for a proposed levy of 25c per purchased coffee cup.

President of Young Fine Gael, Marian O’Donnell said, “Two million non-compostable coffee cups are used and discarded every day in Ireland. We estimate that our levy will generate €182m, which could be used to provide additional recycling facilities nationwide – as well as increasing our efforts to recycle properly and efficiently. We are encouraging everyone to invest in a reusable coffee cup to reduce the unnecessarily high levels of waste that we are creating each day.”


Young Fine Gael also welcomes this week’s announcement by the EU Commission that single-use coffee cups will be banned by the year 2030. However, it is clear that more work needs to be done to make our green island much greener.  

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