Pictures: Launch of the Ardagh Tree Fairies

Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre launches Tree Fairies

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


As part of the recent Heritage Week, Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre unveiled a number of fairies, each associated with a different tree.

“The idea behind the Tree Fairies is our love of the trees. The forest here is of native trees and there’s not many of those left,” Ann explained, referring to the beautiful deciduous forest located near the heritage village of Ardagh.

“One per cent of the country is made up of deciduous forest today. There was a time when the whole country was covered in them. All the Coillte forests are made up of pine. So it’s a little treasure,” Annette agreed.

So far, the children have been introduced to ten Tree Fairies - each one associated with a different tree and a different Ogham letter.

“They have appeared to us in two forms, as they would to children who they want to educate about the importance of nature and Irish heritage,” said Ann.

“They have revealed a spell each and their Ogham letters, along with a bit about themselves. They have also revealed their normal sidhe form, which is quite human-like, and have said they intend to tell their stories to us. More will follow as the Year of the Fairies in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre continues.”

Our photographer, Shelley Corcoran, was on hand to take a few photos.