VIDEO: Are we winning or losing the war on organised crime? Former Longford-based journalist Paul Williams investigates in new TV3 documentary

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh


Ballinamore native and former Longford News journalist Paul Williams will throw the spotlight on organised crime in Ireland when TV3 airs a brand new two-part documentary entitled 'Paul Williams: State of Fear' over two consecutive nights on Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29 at 10pm. 

It’s been twenty years since the brutal assassination of journalist Veronica Guerin and still Gardaí are being murdered by criminal gangs, journalists’ lives are being threatened, while on the streets of Dublin, gangsters are still killing each other with no fear of law and order.

This new two-part series sees crime journalist and writer Paul Williams go on a personal journey, comparing the horrific events of 1996 which saw the assassination of journalist Veronica Guerin, to 2016 and the spate of murders in recent months, to understand if we are winning or losing the war on crime and if we’re still living in a state of fear.

The programme features new footage of John Gilligan and Paul also speaks to a number of prominent people in Irish media, most of whom were colleagues of Veronica’s as well as Veronica’s brother Jimmy.

Back in 2011, Irish Independent crime journalist and broadcaster Paul Williams, said Longford town has a gangland problem and is a hub for heroin. He claimed that members of the settled Travelling community in Longford and members of the Real IRA were responsible for turning Longford into a “transit point” for drugs.

Following on from the two-part crime documentary on Wednesday, November 30, Pat Kenny Tonight will also hone in on the subject of organised crime in Ireland. Pat and Colette Fitzpatrick will be joined in studio by special guests to debate if anything has improved in the last twenty years or if we are all still living in fear.

‘Paul Williams: State of Fear’ airs on Monday and Tuesday, November 28 & 29 at 10pm on TV3.

‘Pat Kenny Tonight’ will air on Wednesday, November 30 at 9.30pm on TV3.