WATCH: These simple steps could help you save the live of a loved one who goes into cardiac arrest

Learn how to save a life this Restart A Heart Day

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Today is Restart a Heart Day and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, planned public CPR training days cannot go ahead.

The Irish Heart Foundation has instead launched an awareness video showing how people can potentially save a life using only their hands.

A spokesperson for the Irish Heart Foundation said: "Why is it important that we all know how to perform CPR? Every year in Ireland thousands of people die from a cardiac arrest. Around 70% of these deaths happen at home, in front of a loved one. Which means that if someone you love suffers a cardiac arrest, you could be their best chance of survival.

"To counter this, we’ve developed a new awareness campaign, kindly supported by Abbott and ESB Networks, which shows just how straightforward it is to perform CPR. We’re launching the campaign today on Restart a Heart Day with a great new video featuring Manny Quinn,' our familiar CPR training manikin. It’s less than a minute long – please take a minute to check it out and remind yourself of the key steps of CPR."