VIDEO: Retailers encountering "severe problems" to meet demand as Longford feels full brunt of Storm Emma

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove


Shop owners and retail outlets across Longford are facing an uphill battle to keep pace with an unrelenting surge in consumer demand levels as the nation braces itself for the most severe snow storm in more than 30 years.

It has already been widely reported on how shoppers have forced many grocery stores to replenish supply levels amid fears many could be left housebound due to severe sub-zero weather temperatures.

Now, it seems those demands allied to the deteriorating conditions are hindering the ability of delivery drivers to travel to some of the worst affected areas of the county.

Canice Dunphy, owner of Supervalu in Granard town, told the Leader this lunchtime of just how arduous it was becoming to  keeping stock levels sufficiently maintained.

"It's unprecedented," he said.

"We are having severe problems trying to get supplies in at the moment.

"Delivery people can't get to work and suppliers can't get their stock into the depots, so it's just having a knock on effect everywhere."

Mr Dunphy said, despite claims to the contrary, forecasters were not overstating the seriousness of the weather by issuing a Red Weather Alert for the entire country.

He said the same inference could also be directed at the wider public as shoppers stocked up on essential grocery items such as bread and milk in advance of Storm Emma.

"Sometimes you might say the weather forecasters are panicking a bit too much but when you look out and you see (the weather conditions) I think they have got it spot on in issuing the weather alerts," he said.

"Obviously, this evening they are saying high winds so if it gets any worse than it is at the moment, it's crucial that people stay indoors.

"Their welfare is number one. We are open we are saying (to people) until 3pm. We may revise that and we may even close at 2pm today and we have decided tomorrow we definitely won't be open before 12pm and looking at it (weather forecast) there's a possibility we will actually be closed all day."