Video: Ballymahon man goes for a stroll in the snow... wearing shorts!

Not even subzero temperatures will stop this man getting his daily exercise

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


If you thought the craziest thing you'd see this week was a shortage of bread, you were wrong...

Temperatures are plummeting and people are scurrying indoors to prepare for the oncoming 'blizzard' that will be the result of Storm Emma colliding with the 'Beast from the East'.

But that hasn't stopped Ballymahon man and regular walker, Tom Skelly, from getting his daily walk in!

Fair play to him, though we're not sure we'd be able to go out in the cold wearing shorts! Is he stone mad, or does the cold not even phase him?

We're loving the jacket though - be safe, be seen and all that!

Thanks to Enda Gerety for allowing us to share this!