Watch: Live music at the Leinster Fleadh in Ballymahon

VIDEO: Live music at the Fleadh goes down a treat

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


The Leinster Fleadh took place in Ballymahon, County Longford from July 10 to 16, and saw large crowds come from all over the country to enjoy a range of events and live music.

The Leinster Fleadh brought great excitement to Ballymahon between July 10 and 16, with particularly large crowds flocking to the south Longford town over the weekend to enjoy a variety of events, competitions, live street music and pub sessions.

The weather turned wet on Saturday, but not even the constant drizzle could dampen the spirits of music-lovers who turned out for the festivities. And, with bright sunshine replacing grey clouds on Sunday, things only got better as musicians took to the streets with their instruments.

Pub sessions were held in bars up and down the town's main street, and musicians of all ages took to their instruments to prove that traditional music in Ireland is far from extinct.

On Facebook, the Longford Leader delivered live video coverage of some of the fantastic talent that was on offer over the weekend, with members of Longford's diaspora and worldwide Irish music fans tuning in from England, Wales, Scotland, and even as far away as Melbourne and Texas.

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