Video: Thought provoking rap by Longford’s Ollie Mc is a huge YouTube hit

Ollie Mc Nerney ‘gobsmacked’ by reaction to his ‘The World Through My Eyes’ rap which hits out at corruption and greed

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh


Longford’s Ollie Mc Nerney has revealed to that he has been absolutely ‘gobsmacked’ by the huge public reaction to his thought provoking rap entitled ‘The World Through My Eyes’.

Ollie Mc’s rap, which highlights poverty and hits out at corruption and greed in the world, has received a phenomenal 7,500 views on YouTube since yesterday morning and the numbers are increasingly steadily.

Ollie Mc, the Pearse View resident, who attended school in Newtownforbes, revealed, “I’m gobsmacked. I wasn’t expecting such a big response at all. This will show the country there’s talent in Longford.”

He added, “I’ve written stuff in the past but hadn’t done anything in ages and just decided to put pen to paper again there the other night and ‘The World Through My Eyes’ was the outcome.”

Here are some lyrics from the 34-year-old’s superb rap;

I’m not a genius, I don’t think it is just me

That knows that this world needs to plant some new seeds

To get rid of the hatred, corruption and greed,

Remove the pyramid of evil and stop jealousy,

I hope and I wish that my voice can be heard

I hope there’s others out there just like me in the world

Keep it real chiefs and spread the word

Ollie Mc is back


Ollie Mc humbly admitted that he played ‘a little bit on acoustic for years, nothing major’ and he has never done a solo gig of his own.

Nevertheless, he says he isn’t shy and has been on stage in local pubs and when he was in Australia or abroad anytime, bands and DJ’s gave  him the chance to perform.

Watch and listen to ‘The World Through My Eyes’ by Ollie Mc and keep an eye out for his future work!