VIDEO: Archbishop launches 'No Stone Unturned' in Longford Library and talks about the importance of community and hope

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan


The launch of No Stone Unturned was performed by the Most Reverend Dr Michael Geoffrey Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin, Bishop of Glendalough and Primate of Ireland last month.  


Speaking at the event, the Archbishop - whose parents are buried in Longford - said that one of the things that ‘No Stone Unturned’ suggested was that every detail is looked after and every decision is noted.

“The stones carry history within them and details of the lives of people so the we can remember them and celebrate them,” he added.

“Throughout our history, churches and churchyards have made a tremendous contribution to something that is vital in the life of a community, and that is cohesion.”

He went on to say that local history was a huge part of all our lives.

“Local history is the lifeblood of local understanding and also the lifeblood of local community,” the Archbishop continued.

“Community and understanding go together because they are connected by the individuals that make an effort to make things happen and to give cohesion.”

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