Ahead of Halloween events in Longford the EPA warns of dangers of illegal burning of waste

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



As Halloween fast approaches the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking householders and businesses in Longford to protect people’s health by disposing of waste properly.

The EPA has released a short animation illustrating the dangers of illegal burning of waste and its impact on people’s health. Uncontrolled burning of waste pollutes air and is illegal.

EPA Scientific Officer Martin Doyle said: “Burning household waste, either in domestic fires or in the open, can release highly toxic substances into the air. These substances include dioxins and they can be inhaled by children and adults nearby. Air pollution can seriously damage people’s health, particularly those suffering from heart or respiratory illnesses so while Halloween is a fun time of year, it should not be used as an excuse to burn waste. To keep our air clean, the EPA is asking people not to use bonfires to dispose of household or hazardous waste.” 

Some people may not be aware that waste disposal by uncontrolled burning (so-called backyard burning) is illegal.  Backyard burning and unauthorised bonfires should be reported to your local authority. 

Please contact your local authority in Longford directly or phone the lo-call National Environmental Complaints Line: 1850 365 121 or use the See it? Say it! smart phone app.