Get a schneaky peek at the brand new series of Hardy Bucks

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Hardy Bucks is back again with a brand-new series on RTÉ2 beginning Thursday, March 22 at 10.35pm. Can’t wait until then?  Fear not, fans of funniness! 

The first episode of the brand-new series will be available to watch a whole two days before when it premieres exclusively on RTÉ Player Tuesday, March 20 at 8pm.  Still can’t wait?  

Calm down, comedy connoisseurs!  The entire box set for series 1-3 of Hardy Bucks is available to watch on RTÉ Player right now! 

You can follow Eddie Durkan (Martin Maloney) and his certified nymphomaniac girlfriend Ciara (Aoibheann McCaul) in the brand-new series of Hardy Bucks as they dip their toe in the water of the West Irish swinging scene.  

Join ‘the greatest minds in Castletown’ aka Frenchtoast, Salmon, Cowboy and Buzz (Owen Colgan) as they venture into Virtual Reality and embark upon a tech start-up in the shape of ‘The Virtual Pub’.  Cruise on down to Shady Town with the Viper (Chris Tordoff) in his new business, an Ice Cream van or… ‘hash cream van’ depending on what you’re after.  


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