Video: St John’s Church, Lanesborough

As part of Heritage Week, we travelled to St John’s Church in Lanesborough, where Philip McGarry showed us around the magnificently preserved structure which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

The previous church that had resided at the site, which had been embellished under the auspices of the Lane family in the 17th century, was destroyed during the Williamite-Jacobite conflict of 1691. The current structure was fully rebuilt in 1862.

On display in the church, they have some highly interesting artefacts, the Lane family crest, a model of the Temple of King Solomon, and a time capsule compiled by the children within the congregation containing memorabilia from the church’s earliest days.

The graveyard outside dates from the pre-Reformation period. The oldest known headstone dates from 1691 and belongs, intriguingly, to a fellow called Bannon.