Crossbar Challenge - Longford Slashers

This summer, clubs from throughout the county will attempt the mythical Crossbar Challenge.

Each squad will vie with each other to see which outfit can land the most shots on the crossbar. Let us assure you that running totals will be kept and the footage of these events is there for all time. The prize for winning this event is something utterly priceless : bragging rights. It is our humble opinion that it relegates the County Championship to the status of a secondary competition.

Longford Slashers may have won the last two Senior County championships but they faced their most daunting and nerve-wracking task yet when they attempted the fabled challenge on Tuesday night last. If Slashers fail to set an imposing target they may fall out of running (and horror of horrors they may be forced to make do with the consolation prize of a third county title in a row). Watch the video to see who proved their mettle and who was found wanting. Trevor Glendenning got the ball rolling...