WATCH | Jimmy Jests gives the #KeepLongfordInBusiness campaign his seal of approval

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter



Many thanks to Jimmy Jests for giving his backing to the Longford Leader's #KeepLongfordInBusiness campaign.

Proud Longford and Edgeworthstown man Jimmy, aka Jimmy Connell, has a huge following on his YouTube and Facebook and Twitter platforms, with his funny videos going down a treat.

Jimmy's video on supporting the Longford Leader #KeepLongfordInBusiness campaign and urging us all to shop local has attracted almost 16,000 views on Facebook. 

As part of the campaign, on longfordleader.ie we are running a FIVE@5 initiative where five businesses that are still operating are flagged on the website and the information is shared out on social media for people to be made aware of their services.

Shopping local and supporting local business is more important now than ever before.

When we shop locally, we are not just supporting a local business; we are looking after our own communities. And we need to look after each other, and protect our communities, now more than ever.

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