POLL: Where can we get the best Sunday lunch in Longford?

Which of these two inns serves up the best Sunday grub?

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Sunday dinner poll

The Rustic Inn or the Richmond Inn? What's your favourite?

The Richmond Inn, Clondra

The Rustic Inn, Abbeyshrule

For this week's poll, we're wondering where we can get the best Sunday lunch in the county!

We took to Facebook, as usual, to get a few suggestions from the people of Longford, and as always, we've been inundated with recommendations, and by a long shot, the Rustic Inn and the Richmond Inn were the most popular, with just a sprinkling of other names thrown in here and there.

Which is your favourite? The Rustic or the Richmond?

Polls will close at 3pm on Friday, and results will be posted soon after (just in time to plan where you'll get your Sunday lunch).

Happy voting!