POLL: Is Longford still the "most miserable county" in Ireland?

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



POLL: Is Longford still the "most miserable county" in Ireland?

Yes, Longford is a miserable county

No, Longford is a great county

Last year, Mossy Flood told us exactly why Longford is not the most miserable county in Ireland:

And yet, one year on, Irish website evoke.ie has published a story about Longford being the most miserable county in Ireland.

The 'Census of the Heart' was carried out by a group called the Trailblazery Collective and last year reported that Longford ranked lowest in a number of different categories.

At the end of April 2016, the Irish Sun reported that people in Longford don't feel positive about their life potential, don't feel empowered to change their lives and the world, and don't feel safe or happy in their own homes.

“This suggests that the population in Longford is suffering relative to other parts of the country,” according to the report.

But, the report added, just a few miles west, our neighbouring county, Leitrim, was named the happiest county in Ireland.

So what do you think? One year on from the damning report, iLongford a miserable county? Choose your answer in our poll.