Alison Canavan brings holistic wellbeing to Athlone

Finding health and wellness from the inside out and the outside in

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Alison Canavan brings  holistic wellbeing to Athlone

Alison Canavan

Following from the huge success of her first Full 360 event in September, Alison Canavan’s The Full 360 Series will come to Athlone on February 4.

The Full 360 event offers a day of interactive talks and demonstrations centering on complete holistic self-care, the first show of its kind in Ireland.

“I’m a health and wellness coach and I work with people who have mental health issues and addiction,” Alison explained to the Longford Leader earlier this month.

“A lot of them say that they don’t know how to help themselves. They’re following celebrities who are talking about it, but they don’t know how to help themselves.

“So I’m doing a full day show where people can come in and they’ll get a workbook full of mindfulness tricks and exercises.

“They’ll be given a nutritious lunch; there’ll be yoga; I’ll do some mindfulness and meditation with them.

“Through meditation, great food, gratitude, yoga and raising our vibration, expect to leave inspired and ready for the year ahead.”

Guests can expect compelling talks, relaxing meditations, energizing dance tracks, healthy and nutritious refreshments, interactive workshops and demonstrations, with each event rounded off with a restorative yoga session.

Everyone will leave the event in a re-energised, mindful and uplifted state of mind.

Each guest will be presented with a luxury goody bag containing generous gifts from well known health and well-being brands such as Dr Bronners, Couleur Caramel cosmetics, Pukka and many more.

Alison lives authentically through her brand and only allows exhibitors who share her ethos and values – those who truly understand the value and importance of toxin-free and natural cosmetic products.

Feedback from guests on the event either in person, via email or through social media posts, was superb, with many expressing their heartfelt gratitude for an ‘unbelievable day’ of learning, self-care and mindfulness.

“This is the first time a show like this has been done. There are lots of different events, but none like this. The response for the September show was phenomenal,” said Alison.

“I’ll have speakers talking about how to make manageable changes in life; how to unplug; how to look at your finances to reduce stress.

“We’re talking about these problems a lot, but are we really helping them?

“This course is to take people on a journey to show them all the things they can do to help themselves.”

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