Don Wycherley performs at Roscommon Arts Centre

Eoin Colfer's stunning one-man play for Roscommon Arts Theatre

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Don Wycherly

Actor, Don Wycherly in action

Following a hugely successful run at the Waterford’s Theatre Royal last summer, Eoin Colfer’s stunning one-man play ‘My Real Life’, will pay a visit to Roscommon Arts Centre on Wednesday November 8.

Performed by one of Ireland’s premier actors Don Wycherley, this touching and entertaining play has made audiences laugh and cry.

Wexford man Noel is about to make a big decision about his life and the audience meets him as he is leaving a rambling recording for his best friend, asking him for a good speech for the “ afters ”.

We soon learn the “ afters ” in question are Noel’s own funeral, having taken the final decision to end it all.

“Right up to my diagnosis I was waiting for my real life to begin, I was gonna grow a beard and get a paisley shirt, you can do things when you have a real life,” states Don Wycherley’s Noel, in the dark, quirky, and touching soliloquy in 'My Real Life'.

Noel has apologies to make and messages to send.

He has love in his heart and he wants to declare it even if it’s already too late.

Noel spends what is possibly the last hour of his life re-living the highs and lows of the past forty years and, surprisingly perhaps, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Eoin Colfer, author of the international bestselling Artemis Fowl books brought ‘My Real Life’ to life following a conversation many years ago with a friend in the pub, whose life had taken a turn for the worst.

This is a play sensitively created by Eoin and beautifully performed by Don.

Wycherley is no stranger to the screen with an extensive bio including 'Sing Street', 'Moone Boy', 'Perrier’s Bounty', 'Father Ted', 'Bachelor’s Walk' and 'Veronica Guerin'.

His theatre performances include 'Heartbreak House', 'Eden', 'The Government Inspector', 'Faith' and 'After Sarah Miles', amongst others.

Tickets are available from Roscommon Arts Centre on 09066 25824 or via: