Fair City actor Dave Duffy to launch ‘People and Faces, Stories and Places’ in Longford

Journalist Audrey Healy & photographer Michael Croghan produce new book

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Fair City actor Dave Duffy to launch ‘People and Faces, Stories and Places’ in Longford

The front cover of 'People and Faces, Stories and Places' by Audrey Healy and Michael Croghan.

Two of Longford’s creative artists have come together in a novel project this year to celebrate the people and images of Co Longford in a union of poetry and photography with a new publication entitled ‘People and Faces, Stories and Places’.

The book, which sees journalist Audrey Healy pen poetry to photographer Michael Croghan’s striking images, all taken in and around Longford town and county, is a unique collaboration of the work of two of Longford’s well known artists.

The duo have been eager to unite on a project for some time and according to Ms Healy, Michael and she have always admired each other's work and often discussed working together.

“We finally sat down late last year and got round to talking about what we’d like to do,” explained Ms Healy, who has already published a number of books.

In ‘People and Faces, Stories and Places’ Michael Croghan has taken some of Longford’s most poignant scenes, places and people captured in time forever, while Ms Healy has taken those images and written about them from her own perspective.

“We have really enjoyed working on this venture together and thank those who feature in the book entitled ‘People and Faces, Stories and Places’,” she added.

“We hope the collection will strike a chord with the people of Longford, and Michael and I are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the launch in Longford County library on Saturday September 9 at 3:30pm.”

The event will feature music, photography and words and the official launch will be performed by Fair City Actor Dave Duffy, who plays Leo Dowling.

The book is available in Newsround in Longford town.