Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Everything far from hunky dory in the GAA

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Pearse Park

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Longford, like many counties, is struggling to tempt all the best players available into the county panel.

The compartmentalized thinking of the manager in this county - who is too pragmatic to waste time, and he is absolutely correct - should not fool anyone into thinking that everything is hunky dory.

Of course it’s far from hunky dory. We are beginning to see the real impact of first the silly inaction of the GAA, some years ago, followed by the creation of the GPA who seized what had become a gaping hole, and thirdly, now we have elitism running riot throughout the association. This is merely the start.

From small beginnings, and I must record that this was caused in the first place by the GAA's continuing disregard for players, who couldn’t even get jerseys, socks, etc., on time.

Often, even then, grudgingly.

How many county players of a few years back can recall getting the ‘gear’ just before the first championship game?

This was not confined to just Longford, it happened in every secondary backward county all over Ireland, where the board was run by the usual suspects who were making their authority felt.

Soon we will morph into the approaching professionalism, with eventually county teams being populated by the elite players who won’t even play for their clubs anymore.

You think I’m wrong?

Live a few more years and this will inevitably happen.