Letter to the Editor: We are one of the most blasphemous nations on earth

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Longford Leader Reporter



Letter to the Editor: We are one of the most blasphemous nations on earth

Dear Editor,
The Irish electorate may have removed blasphemy as an offence from Irish law, but it remains in God’s law.

Blasphemy takes many forms but the reason I write this is with a heart of sadness at the way God’s name is used blasphemously in every day language by so many Irish people. I speak of terms such as “Jaysus”, “For Jaysus’ Sake”, “Jesus”, “Christ” and “Oh my God!”

These words and phrases are used as terms of profanity, curse words and frivolity. Intentionally or not, these words and phrases are also used hypocritically when people who don’t know God say things like “Please God”, “Thank God” or “With the help of God”.

When we use God’s name in ways like this, we empty His name of it’s true meaning and use it as an ordinary curse word.
Regrettably, these words and phrases are carrying over to the younger generation without any signs of lessening or more importantly without any instruction or teaching.

For a supposedly ‘Christian’ country we are one of the most blasphemous nations on earth. I have travelled to many countries and have never heard God’s name used as blasphemously as I do here in my own country.Before uttering God’s name in the way we do, we should stop and think of who He is. His name is to be honoured, hallowed and praised, not mocked or cursed. We should remember His power and His beauty.

Remember that we are the created, so how dare we mock and destroy the Creator’s name in the thoughtless way in which we do? Please remember who he is and change our speaking habits accordingly.

Yours faithfully
Kevin Glancy