Peter Reilly - Rockier Road to Poland

Saturday 16 June

Saturday 16 June

I needn’t dwell on the Spainsh game too long. Outclassed by a team playing a different game but the Irish fans excelled themselves again. They glory in their own stoicism. The Fields of Athenry ringing around the ground during the last five minutes as you team are getting slaughtered. Powerful. The Spanish fans were moved to applaud us at the final whistle.

Friday and Saturday, I’ve just been travelling around Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. I went out to Hel on Friday. It’s a long peninsula that juts out about 100km into the Baltic Sea with a beach on both sides. Beautiful.

The Spaniards are based in this region as Spain played all their group games in Gdansk so the atmosphere is still pretty decent.

Most of the Irish have retreated back to Poznan for the final group game. I’ll be heading back Sunday. PJ Gallagher is staying at the same hotel I regularly use for pool and spa facilities. I’ve bumped into him about three or four times now. He’s some laugh.

The weather has been gorgeous with the exception of the 180 minutes of football Ireland have played, would you believe. Appropriate, one has to say.