Peter Reilly’s Rockier Road To Poland

Thursday 7 June- Chaotic Day

Thursday 7 June- Chaotic Day

Woke up at the ridiculous hour of 4.30am and packed as quickly as possible. Set off in fully decked out van at 6.00am. I’ve adorned it with tricoloured flags, scarves and clown hats (not forgetting the air freshner in the shape of a Longford jersey).

The snags hit early. On arriving in Dublin, roadworks along the keys meant I was delayed heavily and only arrived at the port at 8.05. The ferry was to depart at 8.15 however I was too late in arrival and wasn’t allowed on. No fear, €60 and four hours later, I caught the swift boat from Dun Laoighre to Holyhead.

Experienced rain of biblical proportions as I drove through Wales and England. My windscreen wipers could barely handle the downpour. I was glad that I hadn’t made the trip by motorbike (an idea I had originally flirted with).

I missed the M25 (the London by-pass you could call it) and ended up ploughing right through the capital. I briefly picked up two English students from Durham University who were performing a charity hitch-hike. I arrived at Dover for the ferry with 7 seven minutes to spare.

Finally reached Calais at 3.30am. The blessed continental weather allowed my weary windscreen wipers some respite. Hopefully they can snooze at least until I’m back in Ireland. Drove for another hour to Ostende in Belgium, passed through Dunkirk, and eventually stopped off in Flanders for a rest. Berlin Next!!!