Who will Longford Rugby Club be meeting in the 2018 Bank of Ireland Provincial Towns Cup First Round?

Longford v Kilkenny refixed for CPL Park on Sunday next, 2pm

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Rugby Correspondent



Who will Longford Rugby Club be meeting in the 2018 Bank of Ireland Provincial Towns Cup First Round?

This year marks the 93rd Provincial Towns Cup Competition and combined with the 32 years that it was played as the Leinster Junior Cup brings the total to an impressive 125 years of what is a remarkable achievement for a Leinster Rugby competition.

Longford will fear no one as the draw for the first round of 2018 Bank of Ireland Provincial Towns Cup takes place this Saturday, 16th December, 2017 at Bank of Ireland, Ballsbridge, at 12.30pm.

The club president and captain from each participating team will be in attendance at the event, hosted by Leinster Rugby’s title sponsor Bank of Ireland.

Supporters can watch live coverage of the draw on the Bank of Ireland Facebook page or receive updates from the @LeinsterBranch Twitter feed. Tullow RFC claimed the famous Towns Cup trophy in April when they defeated Skerries RFC 2nd XV 20-3 at Athy RFC.

Find out who Tullow and the other teams competing in this season’s Towns Cup will face in the opening stages by watching the draw live on the Bank of Ireland Facebook page from 12.30pm on 16th December.

In 2013 Longford RFC reached the Provincial Towns Cup Final for the first time since the '67 reformation of the club. The Cup, originally named the Leinster Junior Challenge Cup, was presented for the inception of the Provincial Towns Cup in 1926.

John Walsh, the President of the Leinster Branch, commended the intensity and effort that all players and clubs put into trying to win the Towns Cup. He said he is looking forward to watching the upcoming battles for the beautiful trophy.

 Longford v Kilkenny refixed for CPL Park on Sunday next

 Postponed last weekend due to the bad weather, the crucial Leinster Rugby League Division 1B clash between Longford and Kilkenny is refixed for CPL Park on Sunday next December 17, kick-off 2pm.

 Club Development in remembrance of Hugh Connolly

 Official Opening on Sunday next

 Longford RFC are in the final phase of delivering the new youth centre at the club. The Hugh Connolly Youth Centre will be officially opened at 5.30pm on Sunday next, December 17 by the President of Leinster Rugby Niall Rynne.

The Youths Pavilion, dedicated to the memory of the late Hugh Connolly, consists of dressing rooms, kitchen, restaurant, recreation and leisure areas, all presented in a most welcoming, modern and youthful manner. As a critical part of Longford RFC’s continuing commitment to the local sporting community, this very important addition to the club’s Youths facilities and is a very fitting tribute for a quite remarkable clubman.

Hugh Connolly’s untimely death sent a tsunami of shock, loss and grief through Longford RFC. Hugh was always protective of the core values espoused by Longford RFC, especially its progressive and child friendly Youths Development Programme. Hugh enjoyed seeing his son Hubie, and his nephews, Jimmy, Darragh and Lorcan together to represent Longford’s Senior XV.

Hugh’s infectious enthusiasm, generosity, hard work and visionary leadership, inspired all those with whom he came into contact. He enabled a great and generous volunteering spirit to develop and prosper within the Club. With a wonderfully positive mental attitude, backed up by a most devilish charm and disarming smile, his accomplishments for both Longford RFC and particularly it’s Youths section will never be forgotten.