Interiors: Top tips to create a perfect home study space

Louise Higgins, Aspire Design


Louise Higgins, Aspire Design


Interiors: Top tips to create a perfect home study space

Interiors: Top tips to create a perfect home study space

With September fast approaching, and many students entering a new academic year in which they may have to do more schoolwork at home than in years past, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to write a column on how to create the best study area.

Students starting college will perhaps also, more than in past years, have to create a comfortable and functional study space in their own bedrooms as many third-level institutions will incorporate remote learning into their lectures.

These helpful tips will enable students to create the perfect workspace to ensure they feel comfortable, revitalised and in control of their study session.

Tip 1 – Personalise Your Study Space

Your study space should be welcoming so you are enticed to study. Ensure it reflects your own personal style. A cute yet functional idea is a customisable wall calendar which you can modify each week with the topics you need to revise etc. If you find it hard to keep motivated, consider adding motivational quotes to keep you feeling positive.

Tip 2 - Lighting

Task lighting is an extremely essential element for any room. In a study room you should aim to maximise natural light where possible. A proficient reading light can reduce uncomfortable short-term effects like eye strain or headaches.

Tip 3 – Make sure it’s comfortable with adequate storage

It is very difficult to study in a messy space so ensure you have ample storage to keep your study space clear of clutter. If your study doubles as your bedroom, try to keep both areas tidy as a messy room will certainly distract you from your work. Ensure your desk height is between your waist and ribcage to allows your elbows to rest upon the table without hunching forward and affecting your posture. Likewise, the chair should be comfortable enough to study but not too comfortable as to allow you to fall asleep.

Tip 4 — Add a pin board or cork wall

Ensure you have your exam timetable and any vital information to hand. This cork wall is the perfect pinboard as it's both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. In addition, it also provides an acoustic element, so it can help block out noise from other areas of your home.

Tip 5 – Add some greenery

Add some houseplants to your room as these will improve indoor air quality and will also create a serene space. Also remember to try to limit distractions by turning off your phone during your study periods.

So whether you’re looking to update a home office or create a study area in your college accommodation these top tips should help give you some inspiration to ensure you maximise your study time and ace those exams.

Thanks for taking the time to read my weekly interiors column. Remember if there is a topic that you would like covered in a future column then please drop me a line with your suggestions.

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