A tribute to Longford legend Noel Cassidy

 Milton C Hardcastle


Milton C Hardcastle



Ballinamuck bids farewell to 'legend' Noel Cassidy

The late Noel Cassidy.

As I write this it's hard to believe that Noel is no longer with us.

. I knew Noel a long time and we always got on well. Back in 1984 the radio station LCR – Longford Community Radio was formed. At Noel's house in Fardrumin in Ballinamuck. I came into it in late '84 with a show called Hardcastle and McCormack and was there until it ended in 1989. Myself and Noel always got on well. He had a unique manner of which you don't find in everyone and so very witty he could have been another Brendan Grace apart from his musical talents. He was without doubt a very fine singer and could always present himself so well to the crowd. In later years Noel and myself often performed together on stage at various events. I said to him Noel you should really go for the big scene but he was happy to just stay with what he wanted to do. He told me that one night when we were coming home from a dance venue in Buncrana. We used to visit each other on a regular basis. I always enjoyed his company. The day of his funeral was testament to how Noel was very well respected. People from over the country were there and his good friends Big Tom and Mick Flavin were singing for Noel in the church and I know that Noel is very proud of his legacy he has left behind with his family, David, Paul, Martin, Cian and his wife Mary - a most beautiful family and so very decent. God bless them all. I would like to convey my very best wishes to his family to enjoy good health and happiness in the years to come. As for me I'm going to miss Noel as we all will. I can remember some really good times, which I will never forget. Thanks Noel for the wonderful memories and until we meet again we might start up another LCR and together we'll sweep out the ashes in the morning.