Minor given chance to better himself by Longford judge

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Judge Seamus Hughes

Judge Seamus Hughes

A young person charged with a number of offences, including an alleged physical attack on another individual, has been warned that he will face a custodial sentence if he causes any further trouble.

The young man, who cannot be named due to his age, appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes last Tuesday afternoon.

He has a “complex personal history” and has been in care for some time, completing a number of courses in an attempt to better himself, the court heard.

A probation report assessed the teenager as being at high risk of reoffending.

“By his own admissions, his intentions were very serious,” said Sgt McGirl, for the state, referring to the assault charge.

“I’m thinking of sending you to Oberstown because nobody has been able to control you,” said Judge Hughes.

“You won’t be allowed to get away with this kind of behaviour. They’re well able to deal with fellas like you there. They’ll put you in solitary confinement if you cause trouble. If I send you there, it’ll be 12 months and when you’re 18 you’ll go to Mountjoy.”

Solicitor for the teenager, John Quinn, explained that his client was adopted but given up by the adoptive parents once he started causing trouble. He also said that his client has an undiagnosed condition.

“The solution to your problems is not crime. Do your courses and better yourself,” said Judge Hughes, adjourning the case to June, 2021, and warning the teen that if he causes any further trouble, he will impose an immediate custodial sentence.