Letter to Longford Leader Editor: €120k payout shared by Longford farmers was no ‘windfall’

Luke Casey


Luke Casey



Farmers detail roadmap to easier and more enjoyable farming

A reader has insisted a recent €120,000 payment made to Longford farmers under the Sheep Welfare Scheme was 'no windfall'

I wish to clarify the recent €120k payout shared by Longford farmers participating in the Sheep Welfare Scheme was no ‘windfall’ as last week’s page 2 news story in the Leader suggested.

I congratulate all Longford farmers who participated in the Sheep Welfare Scheme.

They embraced more work, investing time and money in extra steps to improve the welfare of their flock and to improve the quality of the lamb they produced.

They stuck with the plan over four years and raised the bar in flock health initiatives and respect for the environment. It was no ‘windfall’.

For decades Europe’s ‘Common Agricultural Policy’ has provided consumers with safe, quality food at an affordable price.

As part of the CAP, the Sheep Welfare Scheme is an investment in quality food production on the farm and fosters progress for the benefit of everyone in the community.