Ballinalee native celebrates 90th birthday in London

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News reporter


William Smyth

Ballinalee native, William Smyth, who celebrated his 90th birthday on Monday pictured with his great grandchild Reggie

It was a more mooted birthday celebration than previous years for William Smyth owing to Covid-19 restrictions, however, it didn’t prevent his family from extending best wishes to the Ballinalee native, who has resided in London since 1948.

William was 90 on Monday, November 23, and his daughter Helen explained to the Leader; “We can't celebrate the way we would have liked due to restrictions and keeping him safe, but hopefully once this is all over we plan to have a small celebration.”

Born in 1930, to Elizabeth (nee Eustace) and Thomas Smyth, William was the 6th child of 8 siblings of whom only himself and the youngest, his sister Mary Theresa, in Australia are still living.

He left Longford in 1948 and moved to Queensway London. He met his wife Margaret (from Mayo) in the Bamba on Tottenham Court Road and in 1956 they married at Our Lady's RC Church in Harlesden and settled in Neasden first and then Kingsbury. They had three children, Louis, Barry and Helen. Sadly, Margaret passed away in 2016.

William has five grandchildren; Sean, Jessica, Ellen, Dominic and Molly and one great grandchild Reggie, born in January 2020.

As well as his children, and their partners / wifes Jane, Kathy and Vince, William has many nephews and nieces in Australia, USA and England.

William’s family wishes him a very happy 90th birthday!