Longford Leader editorial: Support local and keep Longford in business

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh



Longford town

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has illustrated the need for consumers to support local firms

Supporting local businesses has always been vital, but never more so than in this second lockdown.

Most businesses have endured hardship of a kind which couldn't have been envisaged this time last year.

Their struggles have been well documented, with many smaller and not so small enterprises being forced to close their doors for the last time.

Unfortunately, this remains a prospect for many business owners as they grapple with another lockdown and the uncertainty surrounding this virus.

However, many have adapted and are able to carry on their operations online with a click and collect system in place.

It's testament to their resilience, creativity and determination to carry on.

The public and the communities they cater for have their role to play as well, and this is principally through doing what we can to support these businesses.

Many of them are the lifeblood of local communities and are places which serve a function and role way beyond the parameters of their commercial remit.

These are extraordinarily difficult times for everyone and only by some measures of mutual support and solidarity can we hope to at least alleviate the situation we all find ourselves in.

The Longford Leader, along with other papers in the Iconic group, has launched a free online shout out for businesses across the county which are now doing the majority of their trading online.

Every week day at 5pm we do a Five@5 list of local businesses, listing their contact details and their social media platforms.

Details of the #KeepLongfordInBusiness initiative feature on Pages 3 and 11 of this week’s edition. We would encourage all businesses to avail of it and the public to engage with it as much as possible. This virus will eventually pass. In the meantime levelling its impact should be a priority.

We all have a part to play.